Euroliquids is a dynamic production company based in the Europoort district of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We make a wide range of liquid agricultural and horticultural fertilisers and industrial chemicals. We have a long history and great experience, which is always at our clients’ disposal. Bespoke solutions, quality and flexibility are at the heart of the way we work. We are also an ISO-certified company and all our personnel are VCA-accredited. So with Euroliquids you can be sure where you stand.

Bespoke products

As well as supplying standard formulas, we offer fertilisers and chemicals tailored to your specific needs. Our specialists are always happy to work with you during product development. And our extensive laboratory testing facilities mean that you are assured of optimum quality. The possibilities are endless.

Top quality

All Euroliquids products conform to exacting quality requirements. Raw materials are carefully analysed in our lab on arrival. Our product development and production processes are subject to strict quality assurance mechanisms. And nothing leaves the Euroliquids factory before undergoing thorough laboratory testing. So you are always assured of top-quality products.

Rapid response

At Euroliquids, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We are always ready to respond to your particular needs. Because we have our own technical facilities – including a fully equipped, state-of-the-art laboratory, a dedicated product development centre and an internal maintenance unit – we are able to act quickly, whenever you need us. And speed is never at the expense of precision. When you buy from Euroliquids, you can always be sure that the composition of your product is exactly right.


Moezelweg 151
3198 LS Europoort-Rt
Port number 5610

P.O. Box 1324
3260 AH Oud-Beijerland

Phone: +31 (0)181 457 177


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