FreeNOx is a urea solution developed specifically for the horticultural industry. It is used in the urea/flue gas scrubbing systems of combined heat and power plants to remove nitrogen oxides from flue gases. FreeNOx is a very high-grade, pure composition to optimise the performance of your flue gas scrubbing system.
Catalyst life
The composition and purity of the urea solution is also very important for the life expectancy of a flue gas scrubbing system's catalyst. Low-grade urea solutions can damage your catalyst. Euroliquids guarantees the composition and purity needed to maintain system performance.
To make good that guarantee, Euroliquids accepts full warranty responsibility for your catalyst, insofar as it might ever be affected by our FreeNOx. That's how much confidence we have in our FreeNOx quality assurance. The quality of the FreeNOx we supply is carefully monitored every step of the way. Only ISO9002-certified shipping companies are allowed to carry FreeNOx. And every order is shipped as a dedicated consignment, accompanied by a guarantee certificate. When making delivery, we draw off two samples (one for you and one for ourselves) to enable contra expertise analysis at a future date.

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